Acknowledges Old Scholars who have sustained the School’s motto and values through their post-school achievements
Encourages greater association by Old Scholars in the life, values and vision of the School
Identifies Old Scholars who are exemplars for current students
The school Leadership Team award the Medal on behalf of the school.


The recipient of the Award will be assessed on the:
- Recipient’s contribution to his / her nominated field of endeavour
- Extent to which the recipient’s contribution has benefited the community in the nominated field of endeavour
- Benefit derived by Adelaide High School through the recipient’s contribution to the life and future of the School.

Vitae Medalists

Further details for each medalist can be found on the Adelaide High School website

2022: Natalie Young
2021: Con Piliouras
2020: Amy Worswick
2019: Peter Burford
2018: Flora Rumbelow
2017: Peter Sanderson
2016: Stephen Mitchell
2015: Peter Alahdas
2015: Trish Mibus
2014: Kay Koch
2013: Dr James Katsaros
2012: Colin Brideson OAM